Ms. Rudzitis' 7th Grade Computer Class - Wednesday Sept 9th 2009

The students from 703 wanted to share some tips for starting off the school year. especially to 6th graders who are attending Middle School for the first time:

The first day of school for most people is an awkward day. Best the best way to start out the first day of school to have a positive attitude and be organized, then you'll be ready for the first day of school.- francesca o

The only bad thing about school is other people bringing you down. My advice to the 6th graders is that no matter what people say about you, just ignore them and keep on doing what you do best! -Raquel W

Some people on the first day of school might say your name wrong, but it's okay. Maybe the next day the person will get it. Don't feel bad that a person can say your name wrong. IF A PERSON IS MAKING FUN OF YOUR NAME TELL A TEACHER. Peace. DON'T FORGET TO MAKE FRIENDS. :) ALAIN H.

Students from 703

alright all you six graders out there. i bet you are very nervous on your first day. i was too. if you fell alone on your first day there is always hope for a new friend. i made a lot of friends. so you will make it through this.
your good friend Miles C

Students shouldn't start off with a messy backpack because if you do, you go along with it and then your never organized & you wont be able to have a steady schedule. ;D - Emily R

If you do your best it pays off. If you do your best and your grades do not come out the way you wanted them to, you will still feel good about yourself. Hannah J

My advice for the first day of school is to be positive and organized and always do your best, even if you don't like the task assigned to you. You might be nervous or feel awkward but be open,talk and participate with the class. Who knows? You might make new friends on your first day. Remember, there is probably lots of other kids that are nervous about their first day. If your not nervous, thats great. Remember, it is very important to be organized. Always write down assignments and make time for when you are going to do them. What you never want is to be piled under lots of homework. Well, good luck on your first day. -Alexi

the first day of school is weird
because everyone is trying to impress other people all over again
who are already their friends.
but even if they didn't try,
those people would still be their friends.
The End
By Juliet

The students from 702 describe their first day back to school:
The first day of school is exciting and scary. You have to remember everything from last year. We have no homework and in our classes we don't learn anything. This first day of school this year was ore fun than last year because i already knew everyone and all the teachers and the school. You get to meet all the new 6th graders. You also learn what class you will be in. in my school we have classes mixed with 6th and 7th graders. it is also fun to see how everyone has changed since last year and how different the school, students, and teachers are.

At the first day of school you are excited, happy, and even having the adrenal rush of nervousness.
Every year i would have those kind of feeling.
Even when i say that i will be calm and okay about the situation.
It always comes down what kind of classes you having this semester, and what your gonna do through the following year.
But you would always have fun whether it was from meeting your friends again or either happy to be at school.

The first day of school in 6th grade I was scared but that all went away really soon. After a couple of days I felt like I was at home. I think that it helped to have seventh graders in my class. That is something that is different from other schools and I am happy that we have it here at the computer school. The first day of seventh grade was easier for me because I new lots of people and I knew the teachers.
I want to tell the new sixth graders that they should not be scared. I know that I was but every is very nice and once you get used to the way to get to classes and meet the teachers it is easy. I hope that everyone feels at home soon and that they liked the first day of school even if they were scared. I just want to say not to be scared and to have a great year like I did in sixth grade.

Students from 702

there are teachers showing all of the new kids were to go and telling them what classes to go to its really weird.
everybody is saying hi to each other and saying what they did during the summer.
You feel really small compared to the 8th graders.
except for the 6th graders its all really the same its kind of boring.
Its kind of strange being a 7th grader you feel like your still a 6th grader.
Its weird having a different home room then last year and some different kids.
getting up in the morning early is so annoying you still feel like sleeping late.

be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.
homeroom is the place where after lunch and at the beginning and end of the day you go to get your things and get school handouts.
the main key to success is organization and listening.
as you get older work gets harder and you have to be ready.
there are after school activities and electives that add a little fun to the school day.
usually the halls in middle and high school are busy because you are transitioning by yourself.
i usually take the subway but there are many public transportation ways to get to school.
if you live far away you will get a orange subway and bus card or a green bus card depending where you live.

The first day of school
by: Matthew M
The first day of school was great. I got to meet up with friends, found out what we were going to do this year. The bad part was that i forgot everything, such as all the math all the classrooms. It felt like just the other day i was a sixth grader finding my homeroom and finding the bathroom. The school felt different. Overall i think the first day of school was fun and relaxing not all hectic. It feels like i back home.

My experience of my first day of school is OK. But it is different from other schools because in the morning, you go to the school yard and wait until the doors are open and we go upstairs to our homeroom. But other schools would probably wait for their teachers. But others school has to move from one classroom to another classroom. But in this school, we go to our next class on our own. But we only get three minutes to get to our next class. But it could be really busy around the hallways when everyone is trying to get to their next class. So we still have to try to make our way through people to get to our class. Usually most school, might have to learn spanish. But other schools, you might not have to learn spanish. We also share our classes with six and seven graders together. - Teresa

The students from 701 and their impressions of their first couple of days back to school:

One the first day of school i was happy and i thought i knew everybody
at school and i did but otherwise everyone i knew was there for me. I was looking for
some new 6th graders because after last year i knew they were probably
feeling the same was i was when i first came to the school. i think they feel
scared that they wouldn't fit in with everybody else. sometimes when you
get to school you feeling like crying because something is always in
your way when you have a problem. i also thing when i go to school that there will be a
surprise wait for me everyday.

When you first walk in the school, you look at everyone and think who are these people? But then you see someone you know. That person and you will make other friends and you might have your own crowd, like people who play soccer at recess. You get into your class and meet new people and have a great time at school. You learn a lot and you also have fun!

The first day at school was exciting because i got to wear new clothes and see all my friends. And also see the teachers. The best thing about walking threw the computer school doors was seeing all my friends and looking nice to see everybody. I am very happy with all my classes and even my homeroom. I'm looking forward too having a very great year and getting high honors. I will do better and better after every marking period. I hope to be successful and do everything at the best ability that i can. I have very great teachers that will teach me lots so I think that'll make me a better student! Good luck to every student in the computer school with their high schools.

At the first day of school you are excited, happy, and even having the adrenal rush of nervousness.
Every year i would have those kind of feeling.
Even when i say that i will be calm and okay about the situation.
It always comes down what kind of classes you having this semester, and what your gonna do through the following year.
But you would always have fun whether it was from meeting your friends again or either happy to be at school.

The students from 704 share their back to school routine:

My First Day:
my first day of school was very good i liked seeing all the parents of the 6th graders all of them were crowded up near the fence like their kids were going to college it was funny because last year it was the same way but the thing was in that crowd were my parents my mom and my dad were standing there waiting for me to go inside like they will never see me again